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What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

A common purpose of community associations is to look after their respective residents. Whether it’s general upkeep of property and common areas, or coordinating infrastructure and utilities, personal and financial risk are an issue you will run into and that’s where FCA Insurance comes in. Community Association insurance is required and will keep you covered when damages occur, FCA Insurance will help you get the best policy available.

Depending on what type of association or community you have, you will need varying insurance to make sure you are covered. FCA Insurance will help you find which plans work for you depending on the size, what types of property risks you need covered, and the responsibilities your association oversees.

Homeowner Associations usually maintain common areas such as the pool or clubhouse in neighborhoods consisting of both private homes and shared spaces.

Condominium Associations also maintain shared spaces in private living environments, insurance policies usually cover both common areas and private living spaces.

Similar to Condominium Associations, Apartment Communities have shared common spaces as well as private living spaces.

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